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Pleased to note construction and development of infrastructure is
starting to speed up, throughout the world.
For the World Games, Olympic Games, Winter Games, whatever.
Housing, schools, hospitals, colleges, flower gardens, etc.
Wow, the world is starting to look as marvellous as it is meant to be!

On the other hand, it is sad that there is war, and people are
having to flee from their homelands, such as Syria.
That war seems so unnecessary.  It seems like what happened elsewhere.
It is the gas fields the various people are after, that is what
they wish to monopolize, the real resources.
They should agree with the people, and compensate them,
instead of making them flee.  It is so unfair,
unnecessary, and creating the huge refugee/migrant crisis,
to which no one can offer long-term answers.
In the short term, it is painful for the people affected, and
real anxiety for nations trying to find solutions for them.
If only in their wisdom the Syrian people can re-accommodate their

The dilemma of our times is that the world is rich,
yet in the midst of plenty, we have gone through a Recession.
There are houses lying empty, yet people asleep on the floor or
on the benches in the middle of cities, in Europe and America.
There are experts with skills that can be utilised, yet they have no jobs.
Veterans have returned from war, to find their cities need
upgrade of infrastucture, yet they can't find jobs.
There are so many tasks that need doing, yet no one is able
to employ them.
There are money-changers which charge a small fortune,
 but no proper banks to open bank accounts with.
People who have served their country, yet get treated like third class citizens.
There are people who need help, with household tasks,
looking after children, cleaning, cooking,
exercise regime for the obese,
a brush up on Reading, Arithmetic, Writing
and such like.
There are people who need cars, yet car showrooms are
standing without customers.
People can benefit so much from books, yet bookshops don't
have customers.
European  Community President is sending books
to 200 leaders : The Art of Happiness.
A little thought, and empowerment of people and
institutions, giving authority to officers,
banks, local employers, opening up of community centres,
integration of people who have become marginalised,
will help to re-create wealth.
The medium of exchange = money - should be utilsed to empower
people, and thereby create wealth, to the
greater glory of God.
I believe that a New Era of Peace and Prosperity is
dawning on the world.  As nations create co-operation and growth, trade will stimulate all the economies and help all people earn a living, have more leisure, educational opportunities,
opportunities to travel and enjoy life.
People and nations will become enlightened, and stop
wasting their resources on war, which can only destroy wealth and continue a cycle of hatred and waste.
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