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I see continued economic Recovery for Europe, especially if Britain remains in the E.U.

It will be the will of the people, with each person voting the way they wish, in secret, at the ballot box, which will decide whether Britain remains in the E.U., or exits. 

I am utterly shocked to hear of the death at the hands of violence of the Member of Parliament, Mrs Jo Cox, who was championing the Remain side, but I cannot imagine that this was the reason for her death.  When her speeches in Parliament were being re-played on TV on Thursday afternoon, it cannot have failed to impress anyone that here was a person who felt very deeply about the welfare of people, and brought the plight of suffering humanity to an audience who could possibly do something to help them.  I hear she previously worked for Oxfam, and visited many nations as an aid worker. 

She was holding her MP's surgery at the library in Birstall in the afternoon.  There, two men who were there got into some argument, jostled each other out of the library, whereupon Mrs Cox went to pull them apart, and apparently one of them took out an 'old fashioned revolver' out of his bag and shot her and stabbed her.  A 52-year old man wearing a white baseball cap was later arrested and is in police custody.  What reason can there be for anyone to vent so much fury and actually kill someone?

There was something ominous about 16/06/16, Thursday, when this happened.  It is greatly saddening that it happened to this humane and sprightly young woman, who served her community so well.  I send my condolences and brotherly loves to her family, and pray God rests her soul in Heaven.  Amen. 

On days when some Triple Six is in the numbers, especially the day, I imagine some people get some kind of wickedness unleashed in their brains, which causes such incidents.  The next such day I imagine could be 26th of this month.  I pray anyone being taken over by the Satanic influence should pray and pray and pray for themselves and not be taken over to commit any such nasty deeds.  I pray in the name of Jesus our Saviour.  Amen.

The campaigning on the E.U. Referendum seems to have been suspended by the political parties for the time being, as the flag flies at half mast in Westminster and they lay flowers and light candles to the memory of this golden soul from Yorkshire. 

On the economy, Britain seems to be holding strong, with fewer people unemployed last month.  I can imagine more factories being re-started, as there is a huge demand in the world for food and technology and even furniture that Britain produces so well.  The money invested here by the European nations will stay here and maintain such jobs if we remain in the E.U.  With the European Bank stimulus of some 85 billion Euros per month now promised to continue for at least another year and possibly beyond, there is all the prospect that Recovery will be enhanced.  Well-meaning friends like Mme Angela Merkel, suggest Britain should stay In.  Denmark would be so upset if we decide otherwise that they will pull out their investments totalling £150 billion if we vote out.  Common sense suggests it would be good to remain In.  It would bring a greater economic Recovery to all the E.U. nations.  Why should Britain wish to go it alone at this time which offers great prospects for the future?

I send my condolences and brotherly loves to Jo Cox's family, and pray God rests her soul in Heaven.
In the name of Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer.  Amen.

Remain? Brexit? What do you think?

The perception is that the Brexit movement is gathering pace, at least over the last four weeks.  While the Remain camp is 4/6ON with the bookies, they have seen odds drop from a generous 7/2 to 6/4 for Brexit.  Let's be fair, both sides are trying to sex up their deal, so more and more supporters fall in line with their thoughts, never mind the future.

Both sides are presenting the same arguments tailored to say the other side would be bringing us disadvantages, whereas if you vote for our side, everything should be hunky dory come 24th June.

Well, more and more it appears this is a critical referendum, and the result will be irrevocable.  If we Britons decide to continue our membership of the European Union, blah, the Prime Minister at least will be pleased.  But so will Her Majesty (who I gather is very much in favour of staying In, although she is supposed to express a neutral opinion on political matters).

If the fools persuade enough people to vote Leave (and the international media mogul Rupert Murdoch's widely read tabloid The Sun is advocating BeLeave) the uber rich would be happy.  The media baron will be overjoyed, to once again call the outcome of an election and get it right.  Well, I have news for them.  It is clear they are using the statistics that only about 3 percent of the British population (of 66 million) bother to vote, under normal circumstances.  And if you note that the Sun has about 3 million readers, even if some of them go along with the preaching, they cannot go wrong in having called the result.  Well, this time I sincerely hope that all the other newspapers will perhaps subtly urge their readers to support the Remain side.  Fair's fair, but this time I pray we can all rally and carry the day with a Remain (IN) vote on 23rd June.  I would ask everybody possible to vote likewise.

Breaking away from the European Union would be the worst possible mistake : the friendship, mutual support and agreeable trade terms we enjoy with the EU bloc is something that cannot be replaced.  Besides, it seems so natural for Britain to have ties with the European nations. 

After the renegotiations by the Prime Minister, he came away with a good bargain : there would be no interference by the EU in matters of sovereignty, English Law, or keeping the Pound Sterling (one of the most respected Reserve currencies in the world). 

The main issue the Leave camp seem to be focusing on is future immigration : the fear of approximately 76 million people from Turkey wishing to enter Europe freely, and perhaps seek settlement in these lands.  Of course, such fears are just fears.  I cannot imagine people from a country that is blessed with good climate, ample natural resources, hardworking and creative people who like to trade and prosper, wishing to seek settlement in Europe....well, some of them will, but certainly I cannot imagine the vast majority of them even considering it, whenever Turkey should join the E.U. and obtain those rights.

The huge numbers of refugees and migrants from Syria waiting for entry and accommodation in E.U. countries is a problem which will seek solutions, which the government ministers in Europe are taxing their brains to find humane and just solutions to.   An influx of talented, hardworking immigrants may find accommodation in some countries, depending on economic circumstances; but the vast majority would certainly be much better off in their beloved Syria, where, God-willing, peace can prevail and take hold, and the various factions in humane understanding can allow their brethren and sisters back home.  Here I have suggested the European nations, together with other nations, especially the Arab League, should consider and indeed offer funds for reconstruction of various parts of that once prosperous and beautiful nation.  I believe that once peace has been re-established, a flourishing economy will once again rise up.  Allah has granted ample natural resources to Syria, with creative and talented people.  It is a point of sadness that the mad civil war has reduced some many cities to rubble, and caused so much heart-break to so many people, who now must be tired of the constant bombardment and harassment - and that has been largely responsible for making these people into homeless people, begging for food and drink, pleading for the mercy of entry and accommodation in these lands.  In the meantime, the world can admire the efforts and cost Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other nations have borne in feeding and accommodating these beleaguered people, even though in tents in camps. 

I pray the European nations and the Arab League nations will talk sense with Mr Bashar al-Asaad, and help him to create favourable peaceful conditions in Syria, so they can once again be on track to Recovery and Prosperity. 

But in the meantime, I pray the fears of immigration of huge numbers shall not confuse the people in Britain not to look after their own interests.  The Chancellor (George Osborne) has again stated that should Britain leave the E.U., he will have no alternative but to impose an Austerity budget immediately thereafter.....He sees a 'black hole' of £30 billion, which would necessitate reduction of pensions and social security, and curtailment of NHS services....If there is a Brexit, the people who are in the NHS ques will have to be served as before, only it would take longer, and some services will not be there, due to less money in the system. 

I believe this great and humane nation would be best off remaining part of that family of great and humane nations that is called the European Union.  The mutual respect and support in spirit and cultural matters that we have for one another is something money cannot buy. 

Everything considered, I shall vote In.

Kind regards,

(c) Copyright, but may be freely copied and distributed and shared.

I believe the markets could be heading up.....

Once Hillary Clinton had amassed the support of 2383 delegates and super-delegates to her side on 7th June - and this was before the primaries in 5 other states, with 475 delegates in California still to woo - it would have been clear to anyone but Bernie Sanders that he was out of the race, fair and square.
Now that Mrs Clinton has an additional 365 delegates backing her, and some 100 plus still to be declared, it is obvious she will be the Democratic Nominee for President, a historic first for this very accomplished lady who said it was her honour to serve as Secretary of State.  She visited 40 countries in her first year in  her Foreign Affairs/Defence portfolio, and many more in another three years, constantly shuttling to and fro between Middle East nations, in her endeavours to create peace and make it work.  Her accomplishments were great, surmising from the fact that it was much more peaceful in that region, where she was trusted as a messenger of peace. 

Using a public email server to exchange private emails is perhaps something she should not have done.
But in an environment of sophisticated hacking, where even the most secure internet servers are known to have been penetrated, this is a minor shortcoming which perhaps should be excused.  So long as no one's safety or security was directly compromised, it seems to have been a harmless use of the internet as most normal people do use it.  As for the Benghazi grilling, Mrs Clinton was fully exonerated and vindicated, leaving there joyfully relieved and her head held high.  That to me is a clear indication of her unquestionable integrity. 

People across the globe are joyful to see her reach the milestone of becoming the first woman Presidential Nominee of a major political party in the U.S.A.  The global joy shall be greater when Hillary actually becomes President.  If she is in tune with the peoples' aspirations, I pray the people will support her and vote for her at the general election, and celebrate and participate in making history on 8th November.

I believe the DOW will now move up, in any case, to 18,500 - which perhaps it should have reached last year, so now with clarity in the political situation, I believe it will do so before long.  Even if people think Donald Trump will be President, that too would be a bullish signal for the market.  He is a man of great experience, having project managed the construction of many fine buildings in New York and Chicago and Atlantic City, and has sound understanding of the workings of government - he got the Wollman Ice Rink in New York built within 6 months and at less than budget while the local council office had spent some six years previously on the project and not done much on it.  Mr Trump travels up and down the country in his 727 jet or his helicopters, and I imagine he will have identified possible projects which he will now pursue 24/7, in his usual style.  He will certainly keep on doing good for his family owned company, and perhaps he may even do some more philanthropic activities, this is something I read in one of his books.  He is a dynamic personality, a dreamer who practically realizes what he dreams, if he can.  At this stage, he is fully focused on winning the Presidency.  His foreign policy pronouncements may be something that may dissuade people from voting for him.
He is an enlightened billionaire, and believes in distributing the Bible.  I feel sure the world will hear his name all the time in the future.  Donald Trump can certainly develop or repair America like not many other people, and he has a golden heart for the people.  As President of the Trump Organisation, he certainly has the capacity to do much good for the people, and I pray he will help people out maybe in public housing projects, good housing built in affordable prices, creating jobs in many industries, perhaps producing his lovely golden limousines?  This man with the Midas touch could certainly help regenerate Detroit. 

In the meantime, if the market perceives that Hillary will be the President, then I see the market going up to 19,000, based on continuation of the Federal Reserve policies and extension of the Debt Ceiling.
This is just my opinion, people take positions at their own risk of course.

I see good times ahead.  Only yesterday his Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the construction of 5 nuclear power plants in India, whilst in talks at the White House with Mr Obama.
With the severe heat and droughts in India, that project cannot be soon enough.  I trust it is okayed soon so that construction can begin.

Kind regards,

(c) Copyright.

Brexit? The U.S. Presidential race? How goes it?

At the end of some serious grilling by journalists and audience in front of TV cameras, a flustered and even exasperated looking David Cameron (Prime Minister) was asked : What will come first, Brexit or World War III?  All burst out laughing at this immense joke.  The Referendum is only three weeks away, on 23rd June, so safely we could say World War III will be before Brexit - with the implication that Brexit will not happen.  It would be humourless to conclude otherwise.  Well done Faisal Islam for posing that question.

As for the Presidential race in the U.S., the primary stage is nearly over, with just one more round, with huge number of delegates to be won in California, both for the Democrats and the Republicans. 

Mrs Hillary Clinton is patently likely to clinch the nomination, she has an unassailable lead against the less experienced but full of vim and vigour Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, who is much supported and cheered by those who like his offer of wide-ranging policies of universal free medical care and other freebies.  Those would not happen anyway, even if he were President.  Neither Democrats nor Republicans would allow passage of such bills, let alone allow them to become statute. 

As for the irrepressible Donald Trump, he keeps going strong, and at the primary stage is now the presumptive Republican Nominee.  At this stage the Republican House seniors may endorse him, although there was some suggestion that they may have someone else waiting in the wings, to take up the Republican banner.  But if Donald remains the Nominee, he will have a tough time explaining himself to the world community his tirades against the Mexicans (or some of them), Muslims (or some of them) and such controversies.   The world would be excited to learn his revealations about who was really responsible for the 9/11 bombings.  He will have to tell the world something substantive, and something that the world community will wish to verify. 

For the next stage, for the general election, it will be Hillary Clinton versus the bombastic billionaire.
Both are strong, charming personalities, and both I believe have an equal chance of winning.
We are in for some very interesting debates till 8th November, by when the public will have voted for the President. 

The office of President of the U.S.A. is the most powerful office on Planet Earth, in as far as the free world is concerned.  It is the office that embodies and espouses the highest principles of safeguarding and perpetuating democracy and liberty, safeguarding our freedoms. 

Who seems worthy of it? The First Lady of Arkansas, the first female Senator, the First Lady of the U.S.A., the distinguished Secretary of State for Defence who served her role as a duty of honour - will she become the first female Head of State of this superpower? 

Or could it be Donald Trump, the multi-billionaire who has built so many tall buildings in New York and Chicago, and had a personal interest in finding out who commissioned the attacks on the twin towers on that fateful day?

If Mrs Clinton wins it, she could be starting a very welcome new chapter of peace in the Middle East, which she has suggested in her book Hard Choices.  She has access and experience to top level information on state of play on the ground in many regions, and her sincere efforts at fostering peace are very much appreciated.  She was accepted as a trusted peace maker, and people in various regions are looking forward to her being at the helm of her nation.  It is indicative that many expect the world political atmosphere to ameliorate with her presence.  People seem to instinctively trust her.
She was exonerated after the Benghazi grilling, and came out fully vindicated with her head held high.
She seems now fully ready to be elected to the highest office in the land, and which she would serve well, with Bill by her side to guide her in monetary, fiscal and community policies regarding job creation.  It is believable that she could create about four million jobs in her first year, within constraints of the budget that would be possible in today's atmosphere.  Once the people really warm to her, and realize she would mean well by the whole of American society, I believe they will vote and get her elected.  I believe she will be the Madame President the world has been waiting for.

I shall be pleased to hear your comments and views, as always.

Kind regards,


(c) Copyright.


Peace prevailing in Syria, and re-settlement of the Refugees and Migrants seems a solution the E.U. would seek

Clearly, no nation can afford to take the responsibility of accommodating or rehabilitating the vast number of Migrants and Refugees from Syria, who now face trying times in no-mans-land, suffering the weather, being grateful for the food and drink they receive, and obliged to learn German or French in the meantime to indicate their willingness to be accepted somewhere.

The sheer scale of the refugee crisis and migrant crisis is causing much concern amongst government circles in the European Union nations, and even in Brussels, as they collectively have their HQ offices there.  In view of the terrorist attacks on Brussels not many months ago, it has certainly created a pronounced feeling of ambivalence.  It may be a growing feeling that none of the E.U. nations are going to accept all these people for whom they have neither the housing, schools, medical facilities, nor the financial resources. 

The best solution may be for peace to prevail in Syria itself, and so all those people can be re-settled in their homelands.

This is where their President has to help the situation, by encouraging a peace settlement in Syria.

It is common knowledge that he signed some Law or Decree that the President shall serve for not beyond two terms of seven years each.  That is his law for the future of his nation.  Be it noted that he himself has already served two by seven year terms, that ended two years ago when he signed that Law into being, and therefore by his own dictat he should not be serving any more time as President.  Perhaps it may be fitting for the nation to create some titular or symbolic exalted office for him to help oversee the arrangements.  Mr Bashar al-Asaad would do best to help re-convene the peace talks, and guide them to formulating a peace plan that would benefit all people of his nation, hopefully leading to reconstruction (which the E.U. nations may be willing to help Syria in arranging the finance and planning) so that the people of Syria may once again live peacefully within Syria and thrive in this beautiful and once-prosperous land.  Organising this vast nation with the sweet will of the people collectively is the only way.  Use of force to subjugate has not worked, and never will.  The people of Syria seemed to have a sense of reverence and loyalty towards their great leader the late Hafeez al-Asaad, but his very able son and successor seems not to have earned such elevated esteem in the eyes of the people.  If he can sacrifice any personal feeling to holding power, and instead decide on a persona in which he could help lift his people, he would do well, and could help the peace talks greatly.
Of course, he would be helping his poor beleaguered people greatly if peace could prevail upon his nation.  He must direct the curtailment of any attacks on any people inside his nation, no matter under whose disguise they operate. 

As the days start to become hot in Europe, that must be good news for the Syrian refugees and migrants who are used to sunnier climes in Syria.  But necessary to add, the hot weather, with lack of adequate toilet facilities, uncomfortable existence in tents, lack of medicine and doctors, (and various problems the people in the field out there can imagine too well) may bring about illnesses or viral breakouts.  Hopefully, the authorities closet to them will take due note of this and make some arrangements to deal with such situation so they can be confined, dealt with adequately, so they don't spread further.

In the past, the European Union nations have shown their willingness to contribute a few Billion Euros to help the Syrian refugees and migrants, so in good faith the Syrian people, including Mr al-Asaad and the opposition, should try and work out a peace formula that will help all the people of Syria.  To see them leading such wretched lives outside must be a reason of great concern, from a humanitarian aspect. 

Why doesn't Mr Bashar al-Asaad devote some time to writing his memoirs, so he can review the past six years or so, and realise that it has been to no avail.  Is it not deeply saddening to realize that so many people have lost their lives, in this mad conflict which has been of benefit to no-one and has brought sadness and strife to so many people.  No person who is a believer and draws inspiration from God can possibly afford to stand by and allow the sad situation to continue, or ignore it for the meantime.  The daily suffering of so many people, who once lived happily in Syria, in their own homes, enjoying a piece of bread, some vegetables, some delicacy, a date, some sweet water, praising Allah for providing a good life......Today those people are stranded in the open air, without even basic necessities of survival. 

I pray that all the people of influence who could do something and persuade others to sit down and negotiate and formulate some peace plan, will take the initiative in the name of humanity and see whatever little they can do towards this peace in Syria.  May God's blessings be upon you.

I pray for all this in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer. 

(written by Durudarshan)

(c) Copyright, but may be freely transmitted and shared.


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Touker Suleyman, who bought an ailing company for a £1 and turned it into a £27 Million tu
Trillion dollar coin?
Truth shall prevail - a spiritual musical
U.S. government funding till November 2016, please.
U.S. should extend the Debt Ceiling, Japan should taper, India should cut the rate, U.K. doing fine
U.S. shutdown
Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S.
Vegetarian food in Las Vegas
vistaprint test
Website traffic streams
West Bengal
What can Mr Putin not do?
Who will win the Presidential race?
Why don't the stockmarkets like prospect of a Republican win?
Why I feel optimistic about Greece
Will the DOW reach 18500, or even 19000?
Winds, be thee still.
Wish you a Happy New Year...Prunay le gillon, Oxford and New York.
Wish you a joyful weekend.
With high energy prices, how can British steel industry survive? Yet survive it must.
Work hard, and work for peace....that way may be the noble, dignified way forward.
World Money Show, 8th & 9th November
Worldwide Economic Recovery
Would you borrow from your bank?
Year of the Monkey.
Yulia Tymoshenko
Zimbabwe - may it continue with fair policies
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